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Utilizing Writing Centers

FAQ: How can the writing center be a tool for helping students and teachers of basic writing?

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Created by members of Karen Uehling’s Spring 2017 ENGL 540: Issues in Writing, Teaching, and Learning course:

  • Skyler Meeks
  • Paivi Pittman
  • Sharli Turner

A Conversation Starter
Our group consists of three graduate students with various levels of involvement with basic and writing centers: one has 5 years experience as a peer tutor in two different writing centers and 2 years teaching basic writing and first year writing courses, one has 3 years experience as a writing center tutor and is preparing to teach in classroom, and one is beginning graduate studies while considering a path that includes both teaching and writing center work. Our experience as students, teachers, and peer tutors has convinced us of the value and importance of collaboration between the fields of basic writing writing centers.

We’re beginning our inquiry by examining how various basic writing course models utilize centers, how writing centers and writing center pedagogy inform basic writing teaching practices, and how writing centers serve basic writing students. We hope to start a conversation about the benefits and potential of collaboration between these fields.

Invitation to Contribute
Wikis are all about collaboration. We hope you will join the conversation. To contribute to this please follow the guidelines in the Using CompFAQs Wiki.

Bibliography Notice: Many of the sources featured throughout this wiki do not come from the field of basic writing and may not entirely address our unique circumstances. However, each of the articles/studies that have been cited and gathered are being discussed within the wider circle of composition studies, which is ultimately at the heart of what we do. As such, the information and resources offered throughout will hopefully prove to be easily transferable and highly applicable to some of the duties and responsibilities of basic writing instructors.

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