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What is the Best Type of Feedback to Use for Basic Writers

What is the best type of feedback to use for basic writers?

  • Mina Shaughnessy make the correct statement that writing is an act of confidence. As Donald Daiker states, “It is not surprising that the scholarly tradition emphasizes responding with encouragement. Encourage and encourage, but never falsely” (105). Teacher’s written comments may turn out to be the most effective and productive teaching tool and the best results are mostly a result from the act of encouragement. “Educators agree that positive, dynamic interaction is necessary to give students the confidence to take charge of their writing, research shows that commentary practices don’t always reflect that premise” (Treglia 106).

Reasons to use Praise/Positive Comment with Basic Writers

  • Because students don’t respond well to comments that they feel are expressed in a highly judgmental way. (Bardine, Bardine, and Deegan 95)
  • Because students prefer praise only when the praise is accompanied with an explanation as to why it was praise worthy. (Bardine, Bardine, and Deegan 95)
  • Because students respond better to a positive tone in the comments on their papers than to a perceived sarcastic tone (Bardine, Bardine, and Deegan 95).
  • Because the language used affects the way students receive the feedback. (Treglia 106)
  • Because for the students, errors take away from anything else about the paper. (Treglia 106)

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Feedback and Basic Writing: Annotated Bibliography

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