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What Are Some Drawbacks of Peer Feedback

What are some drawbacks of peer feedback?

Increases social pressure to perform well on assignment (Dochy et al.)

potential embarassment of peers rather than increased motivation

According to Linda Nilson (35)

  • Uncritical
  • Superficial and unengaged
  • Focused on students likes and dislikes rather than quality
  • Focused on trivial errors, missing organization, structure, and style
  • Unconstructive criticisms
  • Inconsistent, internally contradictory

Other drawbacks

  • Unreliability of student grading
  • If Peer feedback isn’t specific, students will fail to incorporate it in their revisions (DŁnnebier 292)
  • Lack of understanding of the sociocultural factors at work in our lives (Fernsten 39)
  • May be biased by friendship (Nilson)
  • Can be threatening, terrifying, and humiliating (Fernsten 34)
  • Fairness of peer feedback (DŁnnebier)
  • Reluctance of students to criticize each other’s work (McMahon 274)

Reasons for resistance to peer assessment (N.F. Liu and D. Carless)

  • Less likely to carry out reliable assessment

Perceived expertise:

  • Disconnection between perceived and actual expertise

Power relations:

  • Sharing of teachers power

Time available:

  • More time consuming than traditional feedback
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Page last modified on December 14, 2012, at 12:07 PM