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Feedback and Basic Writing

By members of Karen Uehling’s Basic Writing graduate seminar, Fall 2012

  • Valerie Burden
  • Amanda Carmona
  • Kasey Carter
  • Aidan Riordan-Buell

Feedback is one of the most important elements of a basic writing class. The way that basic writers receive feedback on their writing affects not only their writing but their confidence as writers. John Butler in his article “Remedial Writers: The Teacher’s Job as Corrector of Papers” emphasizes the importance of feedback and the clarity of that feedback, “A teacher writes ‘Awk,’ but the meaning, for the particular occasion, stays in his mind … underlinings bother him but do not enlighten him. They are, for him, no more than a puzzle. Their meanings remain locked inside my head” (270–71). It is important therefore to look not only at written teacher feedback but also at other alternatives. Basic writers must be taught how to decipher and implement feedback to strengthen their writing. It takes a combination of methods of feedback for basic writers to truly understand what we as teachers are telling them. “Within the university system there are actually three major settings for teaching writing: classrooms, small group settings, and one-to-one conferences” (Thomas & Thomas 114). No one form of feedback should be used in isolation. To give students the most effective means of response an instructor must use a combination of methods. The following wiki is a compilation of feedback sources for basic writers, and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Feedback and Basic Writing: Annotated Bibliography

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