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Time Management and Stress

Handouts for Download (PDF)

As a contribution to the WPA-L discussion on time management, Gloria McMillan’s message below explains two charts she provided.

Date: Tue, 30 May 2006 15:14:40 −0700 From: Gloria McMillan

Do many of you also find that a good section of students feel a sort of “I am entitled to no stress” attitude among students? And when the very first demanding writing comes up, do any of your students manifest a sort of hurt response, as if they had been expecting a free coast to the exit from the class? MINE certainly do, not all, but enough of them that I puzzled over this and developed a chart about stress levels during the writing process. Like the other chart, I’ll be happy to pass this one along. (See download links above.) I took a wonderful class in our University of Arizona Women’s Studies program with Dr. Kari McBride, who shared her chart along similar lines with us. She said it was based upon Maxwell’s research on the stress levels involved in writing the research paper. The heavens opened! I had thought I was uniquely inept (still not far off the point) and that everyone else was feeling no pain. (The truth was that everyone was always acting “cool” in class, whether or not having high stress.) How this plays out in my community college classroom is that when the first stress rears its ugly head, a student may protest as if some unspoken promise to have a zero-stress semester had been violated. With the chart, the students are forewarned. Not only this, but the chart and the research parcel out stress into manageable little units. This chart may also help that subgroup of perfectionists who may bolt from the class in howling despair when they do not feel in control. Cheers, Gloria

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