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Integrating Helpful Reading Practices

Dina Sowers

Introduction to Reading Strategies

Research on gender, learning, and second language writers shows reading is an essential part of an effective writing program although a sometimes neglected and undervalued part. This is an important fact to know as a teacher of writing but it is not always clear how to help students become better readers. What are the best ways to teach reading? What reading strategies do good readers use? Are reading strategies important and why? The treads on reading strategies focus on linking some common educational outcomes to the resources that will help your students to achieve these outcomes in your writing classrooms. In their article “Reading Practices in the Writing Classroom,” Linda Adler-Kassner and Heidi Estrem write “that teaching writing is closely intertwined with teaching reading, yet many are stymied by how to engage productively with reading in the classroom” (1). This reading strategies section will give some direction for instruction while trying to tackle some common educational outcomes (I used the Eastern Michigan University writing outcomes as a base but the outcomes are very common ones in the field) in your writing classroom.


Adler-Kassner, Linda, and Heidi Estrem. “Reading Practices in the Writing Classroom.” WPA Journal (Fall 2007).

How can reading strategies help achieve the reading, writing, and critical thinking outcomes in basic writing courses?

What are some useful reading strategies?

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