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Effective Assessment and Feedback in Basic Writing Courses

Effective Assessment & Feedback

Mike Tolinski, Ryan Flaherty, Stacey Gray

Effective Assessment & Feedback
How is writing assessment used effectively to place students into first-year composition courses?
*How are impromptu or timed essays used to provide information for initial placement?
*How effective is timed-essay placement for meeting student needs?
What are the most effective ways of providing feedback on student writing?
*What are the most efficient ways of individualizing our feedback?
*When is the proper time and location on the paper to provide feedback?
*How can we connect feedback to pedagogical practices?
*What are the most effective ways to phrase our feedback?

How do forms of writing assessment and feedback meet student needs for placement and performance in BW composition courses?

Students placed into basic writing (BW) courses are best served by good practices of the instructors who evaluate their work and provide useful feedback about their progress. Unfortunately, the teaching of BW is sometimes complicated by less-than-reliable assessment methods used to place students. The difficulties are compounded for the many students who are sensitive about being placed into BW courses, given that some may presume they are doomed to being “bad writers” beyond help. However, these difficulties can be addressed through careful consideration of writing course placement methods, and through good BW classroom practices for providing feedback. As discussed in these FAQ components, practices that individualize student abilities and needs and put them into context are likely to be the most effective.

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