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TA Training

FAQ: What books are used for TA training?

From WPA-L, July 2005, List compiled by Sue McLeod

Top listed books for TA Training (28 responses total; number of responses in parenthesis. NB: many programs use more than one book):

  • Duane Roen, Strategies for Teaching First-Year Composition, NCTE (6)
  • Irene Clark, Concepts in Composition, Erlbaum (5)
  • Cheryl Glenn et al., The St. Martinís Guide to Teaching Writing , Bedford/St. Martinís (5)
  • Ed Corbett et al., The Writing Teacherís Sourcebook, Oxford (4)
  • Erika Lindemann, A Rhetoric for Writing Teachers, Oxford (4)
  • Steven Wilhoit, The Allyn & Bacon Teaching Assistantís Handbook (3)
  • Victor Villanueva, Cross Talk in Comp Theory, NCTE (3)
  • Tina Good and Leanne Warshauer, In Our Own Voice: Graduate Students Teach Writing, Longman (2)
  • Richard Haswell and Min-Shan Lu, Comp Tales, Longman (2)
  • Shirley Morahan and T.R. Johnson, Teaching Composition: Background Readings, Bedford/St. Martinís (2)
  • Ira Shor, Empowering Education, U of Chicago P (2)
  • Richard Straub, A Sourcebook for Responding to Student Writing, Hampton (2)

The following each had one response:

  • David Bartholomae, Writing On the Margins, Bedford/St Martinís
  • Timothy Barnett, Teaching Argument in the Composition Course: Background Readings, Bedford/St. Martinís
  • John Bean, Engaging Ideas, Jossey-Bass
  • Wendy Bishop, Teaching Lives: Essays and Stories, Utah State UP
  • Wendy Bishop and Deborah Teague, Finding Our Way, Houghton Mifflin
  • Lee Ann Carroll, Rehearsing New Roles, Southern Illinois UP
  • Russell Durst, Collision Course, NCTE
  • Lisa Ede, On Writing Research: The Braddock Essays, Bedford/St. Martinís
  • Peter Elbow, Writing With Power, Oxford
  • Joan Graham et al., Scenarios for Teaching Writing, Boynton/Cook
  • Richard Graves, Writing, Teaching, Learning, Boynton/Cook
  • Joe Harris, A Teaching Subject, Prentice Hall
  • Gail Hawisher and Cynthia Selfe, Passions, Pedagoties, and 21st Century Technologies, Utah State UP
  • Robert Leamnson, Thinking about Teaching and Learning, Stylus
  • Amy Lee, Composing Critical Pedagogies, NCTE
  • Ilona Leki, Understanding ESL Writing, Boynton/Cook
  • Cindy Moore and Peggy OíNeill, Practice in Context, NCTE
  • Nedra Reynolds, Portfolio Teaching: A Guide for Instructors, Bedford/St. Martinís
  • David Rosenwasser and Jill Stephen, Writing Analytically, Heinle
  • Frank Smith, Joining the Literacy Club, Heinemann
  • Josephine Tarvers, Teaching in Progress, Longman
  • Gary Tate et al., A Guide to Composition Pedagogies, Oxford
  • Lad Tobin, Reading Student Writing, Boynton/Cook
  • Ed White, Assigning, Responding, Evaluating, Bedford/St. Martinís
  • Anne Wysocki et al., Writing New Media, Utah State UP

One person who responded also trained TAs to teach literature, using:

  • Sheridan Blau, The Literature Workshop: Teaching Texts and Their Readers, Boynton/Cook, and
  • William Garrett-Petts, Writing about Literature, Broadview

Another person trained TAs to teach technical communication, using:

  • Bernadette Longo, Spurious Coin: A History of Science, Management, and Technical Writing, SUNY P

A third trained undergraduate tutors, using:

  • Barbara Fine Clouse, A Troubleshooting Guide for Writers: Strategies and Process, McGraw Hill, and
  • The Allyn & Bacon Guide to Peer Tutoring
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