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Reading lists, cross referenced to other sections

> Common Readings: What are U.S. colleges and universities using for campus-wide common readings? In August 2008, Chris M. Anson, NC State University first assembled this list from responses to queries posted on several listservs and from information obtained from the Internet. He contributed the list to CompFAQs, where is can now grow, as schools add their campus-wide common readings.
> Movement and Composition: What books or article titles concern writing and physical theater/movement? OR: writing and “documentary theater”? (August 2006: Chidsey Dickson posed this question on WPA-L and shared the list he compiled.)
> Using Computers in Composition Classrooms: What readings would be in A Critical Sourcebook for Computers in Composition Classrooms? (From Michelle Sidler: The TOC and Bibliography for book due in Spring 2007: Sidler, Michelle, Richard Morris, and Elizabeth Overman Smith. Computers in the Composition Classroom: A Critical Sourcebook. Bedford/St. Martin’s.
> Teaching Basic Writing: What books and articles do we recommend for those who are preparing to teach or who are teaching Basic Writing? (A list assembled by Lori Rios.)
> Feminist Writing and Rhetoric: What readings about “feminist writing and rhetoric” do you use in graduate courses? How do you use them?
> Top 5 for New Teachers: What are top 5 books or articles that new writing teachers should read? (List compiled by Thomas Pace, via WPA-L, November 2004)
> TA Training: What books are used for TA Training? (List compiled by Sue McLeod, via WPA-L, July 2005)
> Ericsson PhD Comps: What was your reading list for PhD exams? (via WPA-L, August 2004)
> Theory and Composition Studies: What are the theories from different disciplines that inform the study and practice of writing? (Rich Haswell, updated 2005)
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