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April 20, 2006: This is part of a larger project initiated by Margaret Marshall (U of Miami) and Deborah Minter (U of Nebraska, Lincoln). This is a (prototype) site for an archive of writing program documents. The archive will be used by WPAs to help graduate students learn to read / interpret the various documents that shape the environments in which they will teach.

With this prototype, we are organizing materials according to schools. But all documents will be cross referenced (“tagged”) by document types. So users will be able to see lists of schools, documents available for each school, and lists of each kind of document. The list to the right includes the various types of documents we are “tagging.”

Documents may be available as images (viewed on the page via browser), available for download as a Word document and/or as PDF document, and/or available via a link to the program’s website.

We hope that contributors will include information about local contexts (when / where appropriate or relevant) that help others interpret one or more of the documents. This contextualizing information will be linked with (or presented with) relevant program documents.

If you wish to share materials for this archive, please send documents as email attachments to Glenn ( or send the URL (web address) for materials on your program’s website. If you are interested in helping to “tag” (cross-index) these materials, please contact Glenn (

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