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Larson Report-1994

Richard L. Larson published Curricula in College Writing Programs: Much Diversity, Little Assessment, in 1994. It reported findings of his extensive survey of US college composition programs, begun with a mailing to chairs and program directors in the fall of 1986. He received usable responses from 240 institutions. In the fall of 1990, 40 sent him follow-up responses. The survey was funded by the Ford Foundation, and the report was published by the CUNY Research Foundation in 1994.The data, along with Larson’s knowledgeable and sometimes acerb commentary, make this one of the most valuable recent studies of curricular practice of college writing programs.

Yet the report is difficult to locate (it is not listed in any library catalogue, not even that of the Library of Congress). Larson provided a brief summary of findings in his “Enlarging the Context: From Teaching Just Writing to Teaching Academic Subject with Writing,” in Ross Winterowd and Vincent Gillespie (Eds.), Composition in Context: Essays in Honor of Donald C. Stewart (Carbondale, IL: Southern Illinois University Press (1994), 109–125.

This textfile of the complete 56-page 1994 report is in Microsoft Word 6.0, in Rich Text Format. It preserves the original format and the original pagination. It was scanned from a Xeroxed copy generously provided by Marty Townsend. Please excuse any errors that may have resulted from the scanning.

Rich Haswell, July 2006 (from

The PDF version includes page numbers keyed to TOC (Glenn Blalock, 2006)

Richard Larson’s 1994 Report of Curricula in Writing Programs: PDF

Larson Report as RTF download

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