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> Job Search Advice: What are best suggestions for new graduates entering the job market? (Responses to Melody Bowdon’s query via WPA-L)
> Academic Job Interview Questions: Compiled by Nanda Dimitrov, Ph.D, Associate Director, Teaching Support Centre, University of Western Ontario. Shared with POD Listserve, December 2007.
> Morehead State U-Courses In Writing Pedagogy: How are teachers prepared to teach writing in elementary and middle school, in secondary schools, and as MA candidates preparing to teach college-level writing? Robert Royar shares 3 extensive course proposals / descriptions, one for each level of preparation.
> Composition Theory: What are examples of different versions of “Composition Theory” or “Composition Theory and Pedagogy” seminars?
> Top 5 for New Teachers: What are top 5 books or articles that new writing teachers should read? (List compiled by Thomas Pace, via WPA-L, November 2004)
> TA Training: What books are used for TA Training?
> Using Computers in Composition Classrooms: What readings would be in A Critical Sourcebook for Computers in Composition Classrooms? (From Michelle Sidler: The TOC and Bibliography for book due in Spring 2007: Sidler, Michelle, Richard Morris, and Elizabeth Overman Smith. Computers in the Composition Classroom: A Critical Sourcebook. Bedford/St. Martin’s.
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