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> Definitions of Plagiarism: What is plagiarism?
> Institutional Policies on Plagiarism: What are institutional policies about plagiarism? How do they use (or not use) the WPA Position Statement on Plagiarism?
> Plagiarism Detection Services: What do we need to know about plagiarism detection services and online paper mills? How should detection services be used, if at all? What should we know and tell students about online paper mills?
> Originality and Plagiarism: What are the relationships among originality, novely, particularity, imitation, and plagiarism? (Charles Bazerman. “Paying the Rent: Languaging Particularity and Novelty.” Plenary address at the University of Michigan Sweetland Writing Center conference on “Originality, Imitation, and Plagiarism,” 23–25 September 2005.)
> Plagiarism Resources: Where can we learn more about plagiarism and our discipline’s responses to the issue? (Links provided by Becky Howard)
> Plagiarism: How can we help students avoid plagiarism?
> Writing Centers and Plagiarism: What is the role of Writing Centers in dealing with plagiarism?
> AfterPlagiarism: What can teachers do after students have plagiarised? (Jerry Nelms)
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