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> Directed Self-Placement: What is “Directed Self-Placement? How does it work? Who uses it?
> Online Directed Self-Placement Module from Teaching Composition Listserve: McGraw-Hill Teaching Composition Listserve hosted a month-long discussion of Online DSP in October. Ed Jones (SHU) has made the module (with fixed links) available online.
> CompFAQs/Who is using DSP?: Beginning list compiled by Asao B. Inoue, 2008. This is an attempt to maintain a current list.
> Minimum Competencies: What are the minimum competencies students need in order to be prepared for/successful in ENGL 1010, according to the profession? (Question posed by Bonnie Kyburz, October 2006, WPA-L)
> Online Placement: How does Online Placement work? Who uses this method?
> Testing: How are SAT or ACT results used to determine placement? What is the value of the writing portions of these tests?
> Writing Placement: How can we improve our writing placement system?
> Placement Research: What research has been done on placing students in FY writing courses?
> AP cut-offs: What AP scores are used to determine placements?
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