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FAQ: How are teachers designing courses for writing in/with “new media”?

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Jan Fernheimer sent the following message to the TechRhet listserve in early November:

Dear Colleagues,

I’ve found this community to be wonderfully receptive and responsive to one another’s requests, and I’m hoping you’ll continue to help out. Several posts have come across the wire about new media, multimedia, and various versions of web authoring courses. I’m wondering if anyone has formally collected syllabi for such courses, and if not, I’m volunteering to do so and post back to the list.

We’re doing some thinking about the best ways to approach writing (broadly conceived) in such courses here, and I’m curious to know the innovative approaches others have taken. [. . .] I’m looking to find out more about how people are approaching the issue of writing in these classes (either conceived of in a traditional paper type way or in a more digital/new media kind of way), so if assignments are available, I’d love it if you sent those too. Thank you in advance.

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