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Multilingual Writers and Basic Writing

This page was created by Allie Qiu and Arantza Ugalde, students in Karen Uehling’s graduate class Teaching Basic Writing in the Spring of 2017.

Multilingual Writers in the Basic Writing Classroom: As basic writing teachers, what do we need to know about multilingual writers and multilingual writing?

Who am I working with?

What’s the best way to teach my students?


Our focus in this wiki is on the relationship between error and multilingual writers’ identities and attitudes. We invite additions to our wiki on other ways that we can address issues of identity for multilingual writers in the basic writing classroom. Likewise, we encourage you to explore other links on this site that cover similar topics, such as the following:

Who am I working with?

Who are my students?

What is a native speaker and what is a heritage speaker?

Are these students ESL or ELL?

What is a Generation 1.5 student?

Are Generation 1.5 students considered native speakers or heritage speakers?

What’s the best way to teach my students?

How does our treatment of error affect multilingual writers’ attitudes toward writing?

As teachers, how should we approach error in multilingual writing?

What is the relationship between treatment of error and multilingual writers’ identities?

What instructional strategies can we use to support multilingual writers’ identity development?


Helpful articles from the Journal of Second Language Writing

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