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FAQ: Here is where we would write our question.

This FAQ initiated by Amanda Fehrer, Cecelis Pattee and Reba Bailey, graduate students in Karen Uehling’s Basic Writing Course at Boise State University, Spring 2011

I see this as an intro to the problems ESL students have in general r/t writing in English. We could use this opening to introduce our idea for the sub-questions (each sub-question could be a different culture) and invite further development from other contributors who may have expertise in a specific culture. We will develop content for the first sub-question, and invite contributors to add to the FAQ in the same format by outling the format as below:

Sub-question: that identifies a specific language/culture of ESL student population

  • Brief Content (2–3 paragraphs)
  • Example of student writing
  • Common writing issues for the particular student population
  • Helps and Hints
    • An open invitation for others to submit content from their personal experience
  • Video
  • Questions for further study
  • Annotated Bibliography


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