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This CompFAQs space collects responses to the following request, sent to WPA-L by Melody Bowdon (U of Central Florida):

Later this week I’m doing a workshop with students from our program who are hitting the job market this year. We’ll talk about CVs and letters of app and the usual stuff, but I thought it would be useful to get tips from this collective source of wisdom about your advice to someone applying for tenure-earning faculty jobs in higher ed.

Please share your best and worst stories about this process and provide tips for the market-bound lurkers out there as well as for folks like me who are trying to help out up-and-comers. If you want to reply directly to me that’s great—I’ll compile the comments and share them with the list. I’ll be sure to leave out names just in case the person from your “worst” story is on the WPA list. As long as it’s not me… :)

Notes about how the responses are being presented:

Thanks to Melody for gathering the responses and sending them to me. Thanks also to Cheryl Ball, who also sent me collected responses and who shared a handout (part of which is related to the job search).

The list of links on the right leads to emails from the ones sent to me by Melody. They came to me mostly stripped of senders’ names, and I am sharing them because I assume that they all agree to this undocumented use of their advice. Further, this collection does not represent in any way the chronological flow of the listserve discussion. I have arranged this according to how the advice aligns with specific parts of the job search process. As a result, many of the original email messages have been split among two or more of the categories. Further, in many instances, I edited messages to remove phrases or references to other messages, though I tried to ensure that any deletions I made did not affect the meaning of the message, or the content of the suggestion. I also fixed spelling problems and typographical glitches. (Glenn Blalock, October 2006)

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