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FAQ: What are the benefits and challenges of online collaboration for Basic Writing instructors?

By members of Karen Uehling’s graduate class at Boise State University: Spring 2015

  • Stephen Gibson
  • Heath Shepard
  • Ann Stevenson

This is a conversation starter

When we began to research this topic we came across many articles involving collaboration, but very little about digital collaboration among Basic Writing instructors. This project began as part of a graduate seminar at Boise State University called “The Theory and Teaching of Basic Writing.” Our group, consisting of three graduate students, chose to tackle the idea of digital collaboration. Since our group also consists of secondary English teachers, the power of collaboration was obvious to us, however we wanted to see how other teachers/instructors/professors were communicating in the virtual world. This project is our attempt to address the challenges and issues that come with digital collaboration between college instructors of basic writing and ultimately between college instructors and secondary teachers of basic writing to bridge the gap that often exists between these groups.

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An invitation to contribute

We will evolve inquiry-centered life-long learning across the digital curricular areas as Basic Writing instructors use digital forms of collaboration such as email and classroom sites, blogs, and social media sites. Various education based platforms have sprung up recently and all of these sources share the goal of facilitating communication. This technology age that we find ourselves in allows for instant answers to many of the questions we face as instructors, but that can come with challenges. While we may touch briefly upon social communities and cooperative learning, that is not our focus, and we leave an open invitation to other scholars who would like to expand this conversation. See the guidelines for Using the CompFAQs Wiki to learn about the ways you can contribute to this FAQ.

Bibliography Notice: Many of the sources featured throughout this wiki do not come from the field of basic writing and may not entirely address our unique circumstances. However, each of the articles/studies that have been cited and gathered are being discussed within the wider circle of educational development, which is ultimately at the heart of what we do. As such, the information and resources offered throughout will hopefully prove to be easily transferable and highly applicable to some of the duties and responsibilities of basic writing instructors.

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