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School Contact Email How long in use Notes/Comments
Aurora University Heidi Rosenberg Less than a year. Last year we did a pilot using a combination of DSP and a timed writing placement. This year we've used only DSP, and the results of this are still pending.
Belmont University (Nashville, TN) Robbie Pinter and Ellen Sims 9 years not confirmed
Chapman University (Orange, CA) Jeanne Gunner or Doug Sweet or less than a year  
CSU, Channel Islands Bob Mayberry 4 years  
CSU, Chico Chris Fosen First year pilot  
CSU, Fresno Asao B. Inoue   Asao gathered the initial list of schools
Daniel Webster College Alexandria Peary   Online
Dartmouth College Christiane Donahue 6 years  
DePauw University Cynthia Cornell and Robert Newton   not confirmed
Drew University (Madison, NJ) Sandra Jamieson since 2006 (when we stopped requiring SAT scores) Everyone takes a "Placement Confirmation Test" online over the summer (using iMoat), which includes: 1) an essay synthesizing three articles; 2) checklists for each level of the class; 3) an essay in which students use the checklist and their reading and writing experience to argue that we should accept their self-placement decision. The difficulty of the synthesis essay gives them a sense of what we expect —quite a few who have already registered change their registration (wisely) after taking the test, so it does function to guide them. Our Common Reading essay is also submitted through the iMoat portal, and students say this sends a strong message about how seriously we take reading and writing and signals that they should take the placement process seriously. BTW: most of our placement "conversations" are with students who place themselves into the year-long stretch course because they lack confidence in their writing skills when we think they can handle the one semester FYC (yes, we are gathering data about that!)
Eastern Connecticut State University Barbara Liu    
Eastern Michigan University Linda Adler-Kassner 3 years  
Governers State University Becky Nugent   online
Grand Valley State University Daniel Royer and Roger Gilles around 7 years See more information by following the "DSP" link in the left navigation menu.
Illinois State University Bob Broad   4 years  
Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne Stuart Blythe since Fall 2008  
Kutztown University of Pennsylvania Kevin Mahoney and Janice Chernekoff and 7 years  
McDaniel College (Westminster, MD) Julia Jasken 2 years  
Miami University: Middletown John Heyda at least 7 years  
North Carolina State University Susan Miller-Cochran Since Fall 2009  
Northeastern University Mya Poe   We use a guided self-placement process for FYW to help students select between FYW and FYW for multilingual writers. (A third stretch option is also available but not commonly selected)
Portland State University Greg Jacob Since 2010 Portland State University has recently developed an online DSP process using Learner Web.
Seton Hall University Ed Jones   online
Southern Illinois University Carbondale Ronda Leathers Dively around 6 years  
Southern New Hampshire Universtty Helen M. Packey 5 years System is working well for the most part. We have an online process in place. Students select before orientation and then register for the course when they arrive. Some students do not complete the process before arrival (obviously this is problematic), but I facilitate a placement session where students can ask questions, see more information, and finalize their decision. Some students change their minds once they hear more about the courses and the credits (our developmental course credits (3) do not count towards graduation). DSP is not perfect, but it is far better than our former placement method.
Southern Oregon University Mada Morgan less than a year  
University of Colorado at Boulder Rolf Norgaard or Lonni Pearce or 5 years Also online
University of Idaho Diane Kelly-Riley Began in June 2014 We have modified an online directed self-placement system from Boise State University. More information can be found here: .
University of Indiana-Purdue University, Indianapolis       Susanmarie Harrington was the contact, but she is now at U of Vermont
University of Maine Patricia Burnes five years  
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Anne Gere About 10 years We revised our DSP last spring for this fall's incoming students. We added an essay and revised the questions to which students respond. Anecdotal feedback from students, advisors, and faculty and initial surveys indicate that the addition of the essay has increased student confidence in their placement decisions. Students access UM's course management system to complete the DSP, which has the added benefit of introducing them to this interface before they begin classes.
Wake Forest University Tom McGohey 1 year  
Wright State University Richard Bullock 5 years Developed online version that also folded in other student information (e.g., SAT/ACT scores, high school gpa, etc.) but deleted that when we found that they had NO predictive value (in terms of students' success in ENG 101 or 102). Due to dual enrollment and other policy impositions in Ohio, we will likely move to an online reading, summarizing, and writing task for students with certain ACT scores.

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