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> New Media Courses: How are teachers designing courses for writing in/with “new media”? (A query sent to TechRhet by Jan Fernheimer, November 2006)
> Content of Composition: What is the content of composition? (1) When is a writing class a writing class, and when does it become something else? (2) What do we include in writing classes? (via Duane Roen, WPA-L, September 2006)
> Second Semester Course Options: What are options for composition courses in the second semester? (Question from Catherine Hobbs, via WPA-L, October 2006)
> Larson Report-1994: What do we know about curricula in Writing Programs? Richard Larson’s 1994 report of a study supported by the Ford Foundation.
> Knowledge Transfer: What do we know about transfer of skills from writing course to writing course, from writing situation to writing situation?
> Numeracy: How can we teach students about “Numeracy”? What resources are available?
> Teaching Grammar: What is the evidence that teaching of grammar will improve the writing of students?
> CompLit: Should literature be used in the composition classroom? If so, how? If not, why?
> Research Writing: How are students doing research now, in the age of the internet?
> Assignment Sequences: What are alternatives to mode-based assignment sequences in FY comp?
> Curriculum: What curricular designs are available for FY writing programs?
> Regression: Do writers lose control of previously mastered skills when they encounter new and different uses of writing or contexts for writing?
> Emotion and Composition: What are connections between Emotion and Composition? (A bibliography compiled by Ian Montgomery from postings to WPA-L, October 2005.)
> Visual Rhetoric: How familiar are students with the use of tables, charts, and graphs, their attendant vocabulary, design, and use? (WPA-L exchange initiated by Joe Williams.)
> Feminist Pedagogy: What is Feminist Pedagogy and how does it relate to writing instruction?
> Expressivist Pedagogy: What is Expressivist Pedagogy and how does it relate to writing instruction?
> Collaborative Learning: What is Collaborative Learning and how does it relate to writing instruction?
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