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Composition Theory

FAQ: What are examples of different versions of Composition Theory or Composition Theory and Pedagogy courses?

This section of CompFAQs is a response to Elizabeth Wardle’s suggestion [December 10, 2005, via WPA-L]: “Maybe we could have a CompFAQ where people provide their syllabi for various Comp Theory courses, with some initial context provided about the population in their courses.”

Links on this page lead to course materials (reading lists, course descriptions / rationale, assignments, course schedules, other information that we might refer to when we say “syllabus”) for courses in Composition Theory or Composition Theory and Pedagogy.

You can share your course materials in several ways: (Note: please include with your materials a short explanation of your local context: students, perceived purposes of the course, where the course fits in larger sequence, etc.)

  1. If you have your course materials available on an accessible web space, create a link to that space on this page
  2. Send an electronic copy to Glenn (
  3. Convert your materials to wiki markup, create a link on this page to a new wiki page, “edit” that page, and paste your materials into the new page
  4. Create links and upload your documents to the wiki server so they are available for viewing or download
    • See examples of how to create the upload link and instructions for uploading

Seminar in Composition Theory Elizabeth Wardle

Seminar in Theory, Research, and Practice of Composition Jennie Nelson

Seminar in Theory and Practice of Composition Rich Haswell

Composition Theory and Pedagogy Seminars Susan Garza

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