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Link to New Page (also a way to create a new page)

Instead of adding text to an existing page, you may wish to start a new wiki page, linked from an existing one (because it relates). On that new page, you’ll make your contribution. Below I’m showing how you can create a link to a new wiki page that would be related to a particular page (such as this one) but that you want to have separate from the original page.

Important: To create a link from this page to another, I make two decisions:

  1. What is the ‘text’ of the link, or what will others click to go to the new page; and
  2. What will be the title of the new page (the title of this page is “HomePage”).

Or to say this another way, I have an option of making the text of the link the title of the new page or I can have a title different from the text of the link that leads to the new page. Ideally, the page title will not be overly long and unwieldy, making for confusing webpage addresses. But often we want link text to be long enough to help readers recognize that they can click on the text to go to another page.

To add links to a page, you follow the same steps you use to add text: edit the page and add the link text.

Here are screenshots of two examples of creating links: long link text that creates a shorter page title; and link text that will become the page title. The examples below don’t have to refer to brand new text on a page. You can use the markup I show below to create links from existing text on a page, too.





Ways to Contribute

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