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This page will serve as the table-of-contents for a “User’s Guide” to the CompFAQs wiki site, illustrating the various ways you can contribute to this community-built resource.

If you have questions about using the CompFAQs wiki, if you have questions about any of the guides listed below, or if you have suggestions for topics / issues that should be addressed in this “User’s Guide” section, please send an email to

Note: If you are comfortable / familiar with wiki markup (or if you are willing to learn via easy to follow instructions: Basic Editing, Text Formatting Rules, or the Documentation Index), you can edit any page or create links from current pages to new pages. The password is fa05ll; that’s zero five in the middle of fall. If you have questions, please contact Glenn Blalock <glenn_blalock at baylor dot edu> or Rich Haswell <rhaswell at grandecom dot net>.

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