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Create Course Spaces

Follow the instructions below if you wish to use the CompFAQs wiki for a class assignment:

1--Type a name in the text box below. Use only letters or numbers.

  • The name / label you type into the box below will be part of the URL for your course (the web address). We suggest that you use your last name, at least. To identify your course more specifically, you can include other identifying information, such as semester and course number).
  • For example, if I want to create a wiki space for my English 3300 course in the spring, I would type BlalockSp07Eng3300; however, I could type only Blalock.
  • Because what you type here becomes part of the URL, brevity and clarity are important.

2--When you type your identifying information in the box below, click the button “Name Course Space.” Your browser will take you to the Home Page for your course space. You will find further instructions there.

3--When you click the button below, you will be asked for a password. It is fa05ll (that is the word “fall” with 0 (zero) 5 (five) in the middle).

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