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To create a new FAQ section, please follow these steps:

  1. Develop the question, confirming that it has not already been asked (see the full list of FAQs to confirm this).
  2. From your question, create a short phrase that identifies the focus of your FAQ without repeating the entire question. The phrase you choose will be part of the page title, and we want page titles to be sufficiently descriptive but not overly long. (You can see examples of this distinction in the full list of FAQs.)
  3. Type the phrase you choose in the box below, and click the button that says “Create New FAQ.” This will create two new pages for you, one the “HomePage” of your FAQ, and the “Discuss” page for your FAQ. You begin creating your FAQ response by editing the Home Page.

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List of FAQs created since September 30, 2006

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