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This page would introduce the project and participants, including ideas about how others might participate.

The intro would also explain how the site is organized: information provided for each founder, navigation aids, etc. It would end with a link to a detailed TOC page and also pointing to the left nav menu for quick navigation.

On the left we’ll have a TOC, listing links to founders and perhaps listing “founders” for which we have no materials (at this time). We can eliminate most of the other links on the left and devote it to this project.

[Comment: Perhaps there should be some date-based criteria for inclusion? Most of the names listed here are “founders” based not just on the importance of their work but also the fact they are are “first-generation” scholars. Geoffrey Sirc, however, came much later than the rest, and would clearly open the door to dozens of his contemporaries (people who finished doctoral degrees in the 1980s—Becky Howard, David Jolliffe, Deborah Brandt, Brian Huot, Joe Harris, etc.). Also, some really important founders are missing, such as Andrea Lunsford, Nancy Sommers, Louise Phelps, Art Young, Carolyn Miller, Ed White, Lester Faigley, and the like. Should there be a broader scope? How are we defining composition studies—to include literacy? assessment? rhetoric? technology (which no “founders” were dealing with at the start)? So, on the one hand, setting up criteria for inclusion (including one based on the time period of the scholar’s work) could keep the scope reasonable. On the other hand, perhaps the site should become a major repository for all scholars who have reached some level of importance regardless of when they made their contributions—but that’s not a “founders” site, it’s an “important scholars” site. —Chris Anson]

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