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FAQ: What are the Trends Shown in the CBW Survey of Writing Programs When Collated by Type Of School?

By members of Karen Uehling’s graduate Teaching Basic Writing class at Boise State University, Spring 2011:

Welcome to the conversation! This posting focuses on utilizing the data collected by the National Survey of Basic Writing Programs. According to the introduction, the survey was

Intended to gather information nationwide about basic writing programs, policies, teaching practices, demographics, and the effects of state and local legislation on them. Approved at the CBW workshop at the 2008 Conference on College Composition and Communication, a longer version of the survey has been available at CompPile since November 2008, and the initial survey results were presented at the CBW workshop at CCCC in 2009. In order to make the survey easier to complete, it has now been streamlined and made available on Survey Monkey. (National Survey)

You can find the Conference on Basic Writing Programs Survey here.

As part of Karen Uehling’s Theory and Teaching of Basic Writing Spring 2011 course, we analyzed the survey data in terms of the type of school that responded. On the survey, schools are categorized as:

  • Two-year colleges
  • Public four-year colleges
  • Private four-year colleges
  • Public four-year university with master’s programs
  • Private four-year university with master’s programs
  • Public research university with Phd programs
  • Private research university with Phd programs

We decided to look at the survey data in this way because it seemed like a natural lens through which to examine the survey data, but we also wanted to know if there were trends associated with different types of schools. Additionally, we were interested in how the basic writing program at our university (a Public research university with a Phd program) compared with other basic writing programs.

Another important item to note is that on Survey Monkey there is a fee to access more than the first 100 sets of answers. Because of this, our analysis covers the data from only the first 100 sets of answers, compiled in 2009.

In each of the following links, our group discusses the trends we found. We also compared the trends to the research we found, and to how our basic writing program operates.

Other useful information:

We encourage everyone using this data to take advantage of the collaborative nature of wikis and extend this conversation. To contribute to this FAQ, please follow the guidelines in the Using CompFAQs Wiki.

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