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> Free-access Online Journals: Rich Haswell assembled this initial list of online, free-access journals in the area of writing studies was constructed in July, 2010 by Rich Haswell with the help of Cheryl Ball, Vicki Byard, Patty Ericsson, Charlie Lowe, and Lynn Reid. URLs are pages, usually homepages, which contain a link to current and past issues. At the end of this list are two omnibus compilations of online journals.
> Bibliographies: Other than CompFAQs, where can I find bibliographies for composition-related topics / issues / questions?
> Becky Howard’s Bibs: See this collection of bibliographies for a range of issues related to writing instruction and writing program administration.
>Bibliography of Graduate Writing Instruction: Extensive bibliography compiled by Justin Jory, focusing on scholarship related to writing instruction for graduate students.
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