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FAQ: Service-Learning and Basic Writing: How can service-learning be implemented in a basic writing course? (Module created by graduate students in Karen Uehling’s graduate seminar, Spring 2011)

The authors of this page are members of Karen Uehling’s graduate class at Boise State University, Spring 2011:

This page was created as a part of a graduate seminar at Boise State University called “The Theory and Teaching of Basic Writing.” Our group, consisting of three graduate students, chose to investigate service-learning as it relates to basic writing. From our experience teaching first-year composition courses with service-learning components, we know that service-learning has immense pedagogical value across different course levels. At the same time, we’re aware that service-learning can introduce new challenges for instructors, and that the professional literature on this topic can appear daunting. Due to both the challenge and the potential of service-learning, our purpose here is to provide an overview of major service-learning topics and themes for interested practitioners. The questions we address include:

At the same time that we identify concerns and lessons of interest to instructors, we acknowledge that the use of service-learning is highly dependent on local course goals, student population, and the community support available at different universities and colleges.

We encourage readers to take advantage of the collaborative nature of wikis, so as to extend our conversation. To contribute to this FAQ, please follow the guidelines in the Using CompFAQs Wiki.

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