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Previous Work on Placement in Comp FA Qs

Several postings on the CompFAQs page do discuss placement methods. Below are links to discussions about placement. We feel our work fills in some gaps in the discussion by linking to research that might help those placing students in composition classes make the best decisions. Additionally, we have placed our work within the context of placement in Basic Writing programs since this section was heretofore empty. In short, we wanted to consolidate our research and the work done before us in a place where those concerned with Basic Writing placement might look.

  • Placement This is the main CompFAQs home for information on placement. Many relevant and helpful conversations are taking place here, and we recommend this as another starting place for learning about placement.
  • Research Findings The findings on this page are current up to 2003. See our bibliographies for further information, several newer studies, as well as links to examples of universities that have used the various methods listed.
  • How Are Impromptu or Timed Essays Used to Provide Information for Initial Placement While we cover several specific placement tests that rely partially on impromptu writing, this post provides unique information on other uses for this method of placement, as well as further information on rating procedures for this form of test.

The following pages may also be of interest:

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