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Basic Writing Graduate Courses

FAQ: Which schools offer grad-level courses in teaching basic writing? (A list compiled by Karen S. Uehling, 2004)

From Karen Uehling, February 10, 2004:

I have compiled the responses I received to my query on CBW-L, posted February 3, 2004, about graduate courses in the teaching of basic writing and other information I could find through online searches of catalogues. I recommend that each of us post some information on graduate courses on the CBW website (using the link to “Basic Writing Programs and Courses”), information such as course descriptions, syllabi, class projects, contact person, etc. Thanks to all for sharing this valuable information. —Karen Uehling

The CBW website space that Karen points links to BW programs, and not graduate courses that prepare basic writing teachers / researchers. CompFAQs is providing space to share information about graduate courses in the teaching of basic writing, using Karen Uehling’s initial list and Shannon Carter’s further work as a starting points.

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