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About the List:

  • If you see “Yes” in the “Syllabus Uploaded?” column, you will be able to download a copy of the syllabus by going to that school’s page (click on the school’s name in the first column).
  • If you see “Yes” in the “Comments about Context” column, click on that school’s name to see the comments on that school’s page.
  • To edit information about any of the schools on the list, click on the school’s name. That will take you to that school’s information page. Click the “Edit Form” link at the bottom right corner of that page, and you can add / delete / revise information using the form. You will be asked for a password; it is fa05ll (that’s zero five in the middle of “fall”).
  • You can sort the contents by any column by clicking the column heading.
  • Please use the Add Syllabus form to add new schools.
School Teacher Name (Email opt) Syllabus uploaded? or URL/Link to syllabus / materials? Other Course Materials Uploaded? Comments about context?
Ball State University   no   no yes
Boise State University Karen S. Uehling yes   no yes
California State University, Fresno Christina Dawn Harralson no   no yes
California State University, San Bernardino Kimberly Costino no   no yes
Eastern Michigan University Linda Adler-Kassner yes   yes no
Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ   no   no yes
Ohio State University Mindy Wright no Mindy Wright's 2000 Syllabus no yes
Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville Carolyn Handa, cphanda at ua dot edu yes   no yes
Texas A&M University-Commerce Shannon Carter yes Shannon Carter's materials yes yes
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Susan Wolff Murphy (    
The University of Alabama Carolyn Handa yes   yes yes
University of Louisiana at Lafayette Nicole Pepinster Greene, PhD no   no yes
University of Minnesota, St. Paul; UMN, General College Tom Reynolds no   no yes
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: Bruce Horner no   no yes

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