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Please read these instructions carefully

  • If you will be sharing a copy of your syllabus for others to download, click the “yes” box on the form where you are asked if the syllabus is uploaded and send an electronic copy of your syllabus via email attachment to Glenn <gblalock at grandecom dot net> (or send a paper copy to Glenn Blalock, Baylor University, One Bear Place #97404, Waco, TX 76798). (For now, Glenn will upload documents and make them available for downloading.)
  • If your syllabus is available on the web, enter the URL in the form box that asks for the URL link to your online syllabus.
  • If you will share comments to provide context for the syllabus—information about enrollment, about your program, about aspects of the syllabus that might deserve further explanation—check the yes box on the form where it asks if you are providing comments; then add comments.
  • Submit your entry.
    • (When you submit your form, you will be asked for a password; it is fa05ll (zero five in middle of “fall”).
  • After you “submit” the form, you will see a page that includes the information you submitted. If you wish to change or add information at that point, click the “Edit Form” link at the bottom right of the page. If the information is correct, you can use the link in the left navigation bar to see the full syllabus list or to navigate to other parts of CompFAQs.
  • If you wish to revise your entry, go to the syllabus list, click on your school’s name, and edit that page by using the “edit form” link at the bottom right of the page. (Remember, password is fa05ll.)

If you have questions about how to add a new entry or how to change information in an entry already on the list, please contact Glenn Blalock <gblalock at grandecom dot net>.

Teacher Name (Email opt):
Syllabus uploaded?: yes no
or URL/Link to syllabus / materials?:
Other Course Materials Uploaded?: yes no
Comments about context?: yes no
Share Comments about Context here:

Reminder: When you submit your form, you will be asked for a password; it is fa05ll (zero five in middle of “fall”).

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