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FY Program Assessment

FAQ: How are writing programs being assessed? Who is willing to share information about or data from their work?

In response to a suggestion by Linda Adler-Kassner (WPA-L, 8–9−2006), this CompFAQs space is meant to collect information about individuals / programs who have done, are doing, will be doing program assessment and who are willing to share some basic information about their experiences. If the response here is strong enough and if enough of us think this is worth pursuing, this space can be expanded to include actual archives of materials.

For now, if you / your program have done / are doing / will be doing program assessment, and if you are willing to share information or data, please fill out this simple form. To see others who are sharing, follow the “see list” link.

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Page last modified on August 10, 2006, at 05:13 PM