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Automated Evaluation of Writing

FAQ: How effective is automated evaluation (machine scoring, computerized evaluation) in formal assessment, in grading classroom assignments, in computerized checking of texts in progress?

This page is not started yet. The issue is highly complex. For entries into the complexities and current bibliography, see

Machine Scoring of Student Essays, edited by Patricia Ericsson and Rich Haswell, Utah State University Press, 2006
Automated Essay Scoring: A Cross Disciplinary Perspective, edited by Mark D. Shermis and Jill Burstein, Lawrence Erlbaum, 2003
“Machine Scoring of Essays: A Bibliography,” Rich Haswell, pp. 234–243 of Ericsson and Haswell; also available online at
“Automated Text-checkers: A Timeline and a Bibliography of Commentary,” Rich Haswell, Computers and Composition Online, Fall 2005
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