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This CompFAQs section for Adult Learners begins as a place to archive information, resources, materials that we are currently sharing on the new Adult Learners listserv. The organization of this section is flexible, dependent on how users choose to use it. If you have questions about how to use the CompFAQs Wiki and if the information at the bottom of the left column is not helpful, please contact Glenn Blalock ( at gmail dot com).

> What are available resources for teaching adult learners? How can we learn more about this? (Current pages listed below)
> Adult Learners and Critical Reading: How can FYW instructors help adult learners to read critically? (This FAQ initiated by Jessica Ewing, John Herrick, and Shaun White, graduate students in Karen Uehling’s Adult Learners and Writing/Literacy Instruction course at Boise State University, Spring 2013.)

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1--You can add text or links to existing pages in the Adult Learners section by following the instructions here (link opens in a new browser window).

2--You can create a new page in the Adult Learners section by using the box below. Choose a title for your page that is both descriptive and brief. To avoid duplicating page titles, check the list above that shows current pages in the Adult Learners section. Use only alphanumeric characters, please.

  • When you click the button above, you will be asked for a password. It is fa05ll (fall with zero five in the middle).
  • When you go to your new page, you will be in the edit mode, which means you can begin adding text / content immediately.
    • At the bottom of the edit screen, below the “Save” buttons, you’ll see a brief guide to using wiki language and links to more information.
  • If you have questions about how to make this work, contact at gmail dot com (that’s my email address).

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